Innovative Landscaping

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Landscape Design

Landscape designers can help expand your horizons and present you with exciting possibilities for your outdoor space. Our landscape designer’s can organize your space to enhance attractive features and minimize unappealing ones.

Our landscape designer’s will take into consideration many varied factors when developing a plan such as:

  • Functionality
  • The size of the property
  • Light requirements
  • Focal points
  • Desired colors and textures
  • Screening for privacy and sun
  • Visual interest year-round

Landscape Design Process

A formal landscape design is a detailed plan on paper is produced, specific plant material and quantities are listed. In most cases these plans are computer generated.
The design process gives you important opportunities every step of the way to think about his or her options. From the initial consultation through the concept presentation to the final drawing with all the details of the project.

The Landscape Design has 3 Stages:

Initial Consultation:
Our designer will come to your home to discuss your landscape needs. Design ideas and the scope of work are covered.

Concept Presentation:
Our designer will present your initial design. Changes, modifications and plant preferences will be discussed.

Final Design:
A final design is presented on paper to you showing plant preferences and elements. Detailed plant material, quantities and varieties will be listed.

Upon request, a quote for a complete landscape installation will be provided to you at no additional charge.