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Warranty & Returns

Online Purchases

Live Material

Because our plants are created by nature, and our arrangements are hand-made, what you receive may differ slightly from the picture shown. Living plants will always have variations in colour, size, texture, etc. We do our best to provide an accurate representation of the plants and arrangements we are providing, and every effort will be made to deliver items as shown.

While we sell premium quality living plants that should thrive over a long period of time, due to conditions that are beyond the control of our high quality growers, such as extreme or unseasonal weather, winter salt, wildlife, pets, pests, pollution, lack of care, we do not offer a guarantee on plant material. We guarantee the plant material to be in good condition upon arrival. At this point our responsibility ceases.

Claims for live items delivered damaged or missing must be made within 24 hours from the date of delivery. For damaged items, we require a photograph. Damaged or missing Items will be replaced.

Live items purchased from can be returned within 48 hours from the date of purchase, with a copy of the online sales receipt. Goods must be in the same condition in which they were purchased, and a valid reason for the return must be provided.

Please Note:

a 25% restocking fee may apply.

A scheduled pick up will be setup by one of our employees or by via a local courier. As a result, items may be returned with the customer incurring additional cost.

Refunds will be issued in the original form of payment.

Landscaping & Plant Installation

Innovative Landscaping stands behind the quality of our landscaping design and construction with the following guarantee.

Plant Material

All hardy plant material and workmanship is guaranteed for 1 Year from installation completion date, excluding perennials, roses, Japanese Maples, topiary evergreens, broad leaf evergreens, and fruit trees.


There is no warranty on sod, annuals, hanging baskets, and custom planters.

Plant material that is considered tender or not hardy is also not under warranty.

Plant material planted in containers is also not under warranty.

Plant material must be selected and purchased by your landscaper/designer for plant material warranty.


Plant material that have suffered damage, theft, or death caused by natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, vandalism, negligence, acts of a person, animal, insect or incurable disease is not covered under warranty.


Innovative Landscaping is not responsible for pruning, fertilizing, watering, and removing stakes or in any way maintaining plant material after it has been installed.


It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that the planting area is clear of all utilities. Innovative Landscaping will not be held responsible for any loss or damage, including but not limited to cut/damaged irrigation lines/heads, gas, water, septic, cable, telephone or electrical lines resulting from work done on the customer’s behalf.


If trees or shrubs are being planted on City/Town Property/any property not owned by the customer; it is solely the responsibility of the customer/homeowner to obtain all necessary approvals. Subsequent removal, changes etc. would be at the customer/homeowner’s expense.


Concrete, Pre-cast Pavers, Flagstone

Damage caused by fertilizer, herbicide, salt or urea products. Use of these products will prematurely deteriorate your stone product. We suggest the use of plain sand along with brooms and plastic shovels to control and remove snow and ice. Physical damage, directly or in-directly, hair line cracks in concrete, extreme weather conditions, vandalism, negligence, acts of a person, animal, insect damage is not covered under warranty.

Cracking, change in color and fissure on natural stone products and boulders is not covered under warranty.

Subcontract Warranty

All materials and labor are guaranteed by the subcontractor under the specific subcontractor’s warranty for the service provided.

The customer should contact the sub-contractor for any warranty related questions/claims.

Dedicated Service

If you have a concern about your landscaping project and/or conditions of your plant material please call our office at 647 990 2942. You will be contacted within 24 hours and our service crew will respond quickly, usually within 1 to 2 business days.

Submitting a Warranty Claim

To request warranty work, please contact your landscaper/designer. You may also call our office at 647 990 2942. You will be contacted within 24 hours to determine the proper course of action.